Update on Stories

No more excerpts for Coffee and Sugar. Sorry folks. i am writing the last 2 chapters now and the rest is private, until it is ready for you.

On another note, I have been driving around Sao Paulo with The Pogues blasting out of my stereo and this new story is growing wildly in my imagination:

The Boy From The County Hell (or how Shane stopped the apocalypse)

the story is going to be a fantastic, hilarious, revolting, honest, fanciful, out right dubious adventure.

With some cameos from some special rock n roll friends.

I thought this would be a short story of 10,000 words but now I'm thinking 70-80 thousand romance.

Next though is the short story - The Anti-Man and you may even get to see photos of me in high heels, stockings and a mini skirt. Horrible it will be.. I warned you

Take Risk and take Care,

C. Sean McGee


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