I'm not a drummer, but during the writing for A Rising Fall and Utopian Circus, I watched this video over and over. It helped me a lot in addressing a more logical function and relationship to my piece of writing and using his discipline of interdependence  expressing and running my subconscious on multiple plains whilst directing and collating with my conscious mind whilst in the midst of this, still being a responsible teacher whose insanity does not dredge upon the expected return for my students and more so  being a responsible and focused father to my children and a husband and lover to my wife.

All in all, I handled it well, though writing the last 4 quick chapters of ARF, I lost grip on my sanity, on what was real or not and did end up buying 72 kilos of rice, beans and canned vegetables on my monthly shop. Just kind of felt that something was coming.

Marco Minnemann - Drum Solo (part of) from The Marco Show


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