Friday, March 01, 2013

Coffee and Sugar excerpt

The 13th Apostle took Joao under the expanse of his branching arm and they; with the dog in tow, stepped around the construction and passed the men in plastic hats who hammered nails into wooden boards and passed the men in blue collared shirts who shouted orders at them and passed the men in suited clothes who read off of charts and documents and pointed their fingers and waved their hands around the site, expertising tasks of which they had no comprehension and even lesser dialect, but of whom with a stroke of their pen could re-assemble and re-arrange and re-structure so as to resemble whatever may be that the imported investor by their tending hand, might wish then to see.

Coffee and Sugar excerpt ₢2013

****as i thought i was nearing its end, my fraught emotional disarray was in negating that in fact i had just started. this will be a LONG story. My gift to you. So, i imagine a delay in its release. My apologies. I imagined 80,000 words but i think we may end in the 12-140,000 region****

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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