Monday, April 01, 2013


The driver kept asking her about the men in the backseat and how much money she thought they earned and whether there were prostitutes in the back of the car or not and was that why she was sitting in the front and why was she sitting in the front and was she an assistant and was she a secretary for one of the men and did she like her job and did she think they would be going to prostitutes and why was she so uptight and what the hell crawled up her arse and there was no need to be sour puss, he was just trying to pass the time and did she know she thought like a man and was she eating too much red meat, because apparently it digested poorly and could block up her digestive system and this could cause stress and constipation and heart disease and cancer and did she like Portishead, because the singer is a girl and she was a girl too and give him a reason to be, a woman;he just wants to be a woman.

- CHRISTINE Excerpt ₢2013

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