Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The Boy from the County Hell is coming along at its own pace. I really expected this to be a quick 10,000 word pieve like Christine or HIFOA but we are already nearing 21,000 words and nearing I guess 70% of the story. I am currently writing the scene for Boat Train and will commence London Calling as the lead in to the final chapters When the Man Comes Around and Summer in Siam.

I know that for some of you this makes no sense bu the idea of this book is to link several songs from The Pogues, the Clash, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash. Chapter 5 which went live yesterday was a cover of the song Red Right Hand by Nick Cave; a very dark and sexy song, irnoically written and inspired by Sao Paulo as most of my work is, or at least the seedier perspective of my work.

So BFCH should come in around 30,000 words and I expect 2 weeks maximum until it is launched digitally. There have been some major changes to the first few chapters since going live, so the end read will be much diiferent to the live perspective.

This will though be my last Free Art ebook for a few months at least.
I intend to do a secret project that has been lingering in my mind for some months lately, a grand fear that burdens in the back of my mind. I intend to try  and sell this novel to agents once more and take to the feather dance. I will though; once i begin shopping this project, commence or at leqast prepare to commence iCannibal and finish the CITY Trilogy once and for all.

I feel terrible for not being able to feed you more free art. It's irresponsible. But I have to do this, to try and get a publisher and try and make some money out of writing.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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