Friday, April 12, 2013

The Boy from the County Hell excerpt 8

“I’ll ave a pint” said Shane to The Barman.
“Have you any money?” said the barman.
“Oh come on, one drink, I’ve had a right fuck of a day. C’mon, just one pint."
“If you had a penny for every time you asked me that, I’d probably serve you by the end of the day."
“You won’t give me one free pint?” 
“Like fuck I will."
“Well then can you lend me ten pounds?”
“What? Are you fuckin mad?”
“C'mon, I’ll buy ya a drink."
“Feck off ya edjit."
“Bollocks” said Shane, sitting down by himself on a rickety stool and flipping a coaster between his fingers; trying to spin it on its end and managing to lose himself in its every turn, biding his time before the inevitable passing of hands over numbers and the shaking of hands over tables.

The Boy from the County Hell excerpt  ₢2013  C. Sean McGee

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