Monday, April 08, 2013

Will and Testimony

** I have never actually even contemplated one of these but I have 2 children, 4 cats and 3 dogs and a bunch of art that should anything happen to me then I would like to ensure in this case, for at least my art to be in sure hands. I live in a violent city and its not the threat of gun wielding junkies, car thieves or kidnappers that pests my calm, its the road violence and I do believe the longer i stay and persisite on being exposed to idot humans in moving collidable losses of concentration, then this will be the reason I am seriously hurt or killed. Mathematical probability. So, for this thing i guess to have an validity i guess it needs 2 witnesses. You can't sign but you can lick like, to show that it has been witnessed and registered digitally in some form on the internet. So if you see 1 like or zero, just click; help me out here***

I, Cian Sean McGee hereby decree that the total of my artistic works and worth; the complete of my intellectual property in forms of published and unpublished books, short stories, poetry, philosophy, musings, music and the knowledge base of my teaching methodology; in the event of my passing, be transferred in name to my wife and children; Keli, Nenagh and Tomás and for the execution of the work to be decided upon jointly as to whatver means best protects the work from unjust exploitation so that my art can be of a provision to my family after I have died. In the event that my children or my wife should pass, I hereby put all intellectual property of my published and unpublished art and works into the proprietry care, control and direction of Huxley; my Persian cat.  

08/4/2013   10.07am Santo André, São Paulo, Brasil

Remember, I need to witnesses, or more. Just click like and help quieten this siren in my head.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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