Monday, April 15, 2013

The Boy from the County Hell excerpt 12

“Ya look busy” Shane said, seeing scores of addled men, women and dogs walking in circles chasing an air of hope, their withered souls, or that thing they forgot.
“I do like a challenge. Tis da lord who said, if you build it, dey will come” said The Priest.
“I believe dat was Field of Dreams but da metaphor, it’s still grand.”
“Honestly, I tink it would be easier to build around a playground. Seriously. Dese lads, dere’s no hope. And da one’s dat do open deir eyes, when dey do, dey look mad as fuck. Sure if dey found Jesus’ ashes I’m sure he’d be straight in deir pipes. Start young. Get em when dey can’t tink for demselves. Dat’s de key” said The Priest.
“Dere is a great deal of wrong in what ya just said fadder and I know ya mean well. Yer not using dat in yer mass are ya? I’d leave out da whole schoolyard ting. Could be taken out a context ya know?” said Shane.

The Boy from the County Hell excerpt ₢2013 C. Sean McGee

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