Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stalker Note


I am in two minds about the next project; whether to do another free art novel or to start dancing for agents again with my secret project. 

The Boy From The County Hell (or how Shane stopped the apocalypse) will be a full novel it seems. I had imagined a short story: 10-20,000 words but with the songs I have chosen from The Pogues, The Clash and Johnny Cash to create the flux; this will easily fill an entire story. 

The other secret project is burning in my mind and heart as well, it will be a very difficult book to write; a lot of things that scare me as a father. It will be held in the dark for 12 months, the time I will give to receive enough inane rejection letters to make it part of the free art collection. 

I think I am just too fucked in the head to write commercial pop literature. 

Well, if in the last 4 months; having released 4 books, you don't know me yet, I am impulsive and I cant sit on an egg for the life of me; so proabbly both projects will be avaiolable free. 

I give 3 months for each project and once again a short story to divide the two.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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