Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boy from the County Hell excerpt 15

“Everyone keeps harpin about dis feckin song. What da fuck happened last night?”
“Dat’s not important now Shane. Ya have to remember dat song. Ya can’t forget it and tell someone, ya have to tell someone. Yer in danger lad. Everyone ya know. Da fate o da world; it’s in yer feckin hands. God help us all” said The Priest, hardly believing this truth any more than the toothless punk before him.
“Are you sound fadder? Yer soundin a bit like meself” said Shane.
“Listen to me. It’s important dat you remember dis. Ta save us all, ta save the world; you must not touch a single drink. And the junk too, ya keep da needle far from yer veins, ya hear me lad. Da fate o da world is in yer hands.”
“Jaysus. Is dat yer approach now? What are ya, Professor Xavier? Ya got a crack house full a super heroes back dere?”

The Boy from the County Hell excerpt ₢2013 C. Sean McGee

The end of the world is nigh and only one man can stop the coming apocalypse. Shane MacGowan has the ultimate weapon; the greatest song ever written and to save the world, his mammy and Teresa he just has to remember how it fuckin goes.

The Boy from the County Hell (or how Shane stopped the apocalypse) - A Rock n Roll story inspired by the music of The Pogues, The Clash and Johnny Cash 

Coming Soon to The Free Art Collection

₢2013 C. Sean McGee

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