Friday, April 05, 2013

Next Project - The Boy from The County Hell

So I will begin the next project tomorrow morning before my first English class.
I like Saturday writing.

I was intending to write another project to sell to agents but I just don' t care. I went through this with my old band Hypercenter 10 years ago and the band got very close to major label signing. So close that the band imploded and most; including myself, went into a spiral of depression, psychosis and drug addiciton and dug further than the white rabbit ever could.

i have a family that i adore and need more than anything am I am not willing to destabilise my already dysfunctional emotional state to dance for agents.

i enjoy writing. I don't want to do it. I need to do it. I can not stop. I've tried, I just keep starting project after project and i think maybe I'm leading myself towards something grand.

Whatever it is, I just it is kind towards my wife, my children, my cats and my dogs.

So tomorrow I will start:   The Boy from the County Hell (or how Shane stopped the apocalypse).

This should be a fun story. Hopefully not so dark, but then again my soul can only sing in its own voice. What i want and what it wants are on severed speaking terms. But it should be a fun super hero story. You don't have to be a fan of The Pogues or The Clash to enjoy but I am using key songs as chapter markers to tell the story.

So the next book is yours as well; and every book after it.

i will though start i guess advertising the paperbacks which I sell through I know in this digital world not everyone is inclined to want to fill up space or collect the tangible, but for those that do, they are available and for those that want to put some pennies in my pocket; though i will always make do without, it would also be nice.

So, that's it for now. I taught for 11 hours today back to back and  my brain is jelly. I just want to watch some Pocoyo with my daughter and melt into conscious abandon.

Speak soon.

oh for those that are new Stalkers; I will be posting today or tomorrow with a complete list of The Free Art Collection; the 5 books I have written and published in the last 4 months. It feels so long between eveyr release but 4 months is kinda short. Long strides... Anyway, I will post a complete set of links for ePUB, MOBI and Deluxe PDF, including the torrent links for the Epubs and Mobis that were specifiied for specific devices (galazy, pocketbook, nook, kobo, ipad3, ipad 1 and so on)

For tonight; new stalkers and familiar stalkers and as always,

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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