Thursday, April 18, 2013

LoungeWindow - The Boy from County Hell - Chapter One Uploaded

I have decided to make this book more interactive (based on the fact that i have no patience).

The LoungeWindow will now serve a more practical and unqiue purpose in that I will be uploading chapter by chapter of my new book The Boy from the County Hell (or how Shane stopped the apocalypse) as I write it.

This is only for Stalkers and will only be accessed through the LoungeWindow.

As such I have removed the previous post of Chapter Zero from the BedroomWindow

When the book is finsihed, like most of my work, I imagine there will be one or two mild adjustments. There are never many. I don't loike to recount my work. A thing said is a thing said. An apology doesn't make it undone. I know every writer loves this appraoch. To refine something over and over and over until it is devoid of original intent. I will, when this creative splurge wanes, go back and re-edit the books to fix some spelling here or there but this has never been any great concern of mine. A lot fo beautiful teethed humans have very little interest etched upon their tongues and thus I justify my laziness and lack of concentration by defining it as charm.

but that said, the version of BFCH as you follow on LoungeWindow may be different in the print version. I did this on A Rising Fall; going back to make several large changes but havent on any peice since and really i don't imagine on any to come. I write only what i see and imagine. If it's wrong in any way, then its because i scribed not what i saw and only what i expected others wanted to see.

This thing might be good or it might be not. But it seems more contextual to have you reading with me through every chapter than to have these tiny snippets here or there that in some cases are what they are; out of context.

So with that in mind, i give you CHAPTER ONE  

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee
The Free Art Collection

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