Friday, April 26, 2013

Stalker's Lens


So I have had an idea and there is no reason why it couldn't function.

I intend to use jazz principles to my writing for my next challenge, using what jazz drummer Marco Minnemann describes as 'Interdependence'

In his concept, he can allow his limbs to function independently working on unique time signatures, more or less; how he puts it, no different than walking and talking at the same time.

I used his instructional video as inspiration during Utopian Circus writing. It helped me to focus on the story whilst also running my business, developing a new psychology for language teaching and delivering my classes and being a father to my daughter, a husband to my then pregnant wife and deadweight at the end of my dogs' leashes & of course the emotional fool for my 4 cats and full time groomer of my Persian Huxley.

I utilised Minnemann's concept of lateralising the mind and I applied a focus principle which Marcos uses in A Rising Fall so that my life was (and still is today), 100% scheduled and divided into one hour blocks where I could apply 100% focus and emotional deliverance to whatever I might be doing. The result in this meant my emotional reserves didn't interfere with each other, that i could attain a complete level of disarray for the writing periods whilst being manic and mildly yet effectively delusional for my students, all business like and dull for business, passionate and considerate with my wife and friggin insane with my girl.

I am not here to sell the concept of blocking or scheduling, I am though just giving some background on the next challenge. As I mentioned in a previous rant, the next project will be a full 90k word piece that intend to use to sell to agents and publishers.

I did though enjoy the strangeness of this Live Writing Experience, releasing every chapter as I write and being completely exposed and vulnerable to you as you read along. It was emotionally challenging in the first few days but i pushed through that and now am entering the last two chapters before an official digital and paperback release.

For the next challenge I will write two novels at the same time and the concurrent novel will also be a Live Writing Experience. The process will be slower as I am teaching a lot more now to save to move to the countryside and that limited time will now be divided between 2 mindsets.

This will be a complete head fuck.

The next Stalker Story will be based on 3 old songs by Bjork; those being, Human Behaviour, Army of Me and Oh so Quiet. The story will be about a tiny mouse which accidentally explodes distant galaxies every time she falls in love.

And the other project.... is a secret.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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