Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Project

So last night my brain was running through the loose story for my next project.

As i mentioned, it will be sold to agents for 12 months, giving plenty of time for frustration to build enough for me to release it for free. My wife and daughter have given me an 18 month deadline knnowing i get excited and release things earlier than intended. So i set my bar for 18 months, which means in 12 it will be released with the Free Art Collection.

The story will be more delicate than my last peices; though even as i say that i feel a warm tingle in th eback of my neck which is perversion and honesty saying 'just tell it as you see it not how others would expect it to be told'.

This story though will be delve into a theme that has become the flag for our family recebntly which is natural birth, home birth and the effect of digital industrialisation, this being the sudden inexplicable rise of unwanted C -Sectoin births worldwide and more notably here in Sao Paulo, the leader in the world with over 97% births via C-Section in private hospitals and 70% in public hospitals and most of these, wunwarrarnted, unsolicited and amount to corporal rape.

This will be the fundamental theme running thorugh my next book and will also look at one of my greatest fears as a father or two; is my older child were to accidentally suffcoate my infant son in her revel and game. This book will look at a family falling apart after such and incident and a father pulling at the threads of unconditional love with his daughter as they struggle alone to deal with what happened.

I will though as i write this book, be posting slight teasers thorughout the writing process. HOnestly i hope agents don't bite so i can just give it away again.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee 

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