The Rock Book Volume 1 - Update

As i mentioned maybe yesterday, it's hard to pick out the past from the further past. Anyway, after this story i intend to focus on a series of short stories to be assembled as a collection of cover stories called The Rock Book; how many series, that I do not know but I enjoy the pacing and focus of short stories.

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be working with a Dutch band called Grandpa Death Experience. This will be the first of the series called Jesus Lyte. You can see the original cut of the song below. As I am aware they are in the studio at the moment and will cut another version to be packaged with the Free Art digital release. Nice guys. Reminds me of a smoky Leonard Cohen.

The first few stories for Rock Book Vol 1 will be (up to this moment)


Grandpa Death Experience - Jesus Lite
Nine Inch Nails - We're in this Together Now
Bjork - Oh so Quiet
Johnny Cash - The Beast in Me
The Tea Party - Sister Awake
Porcupine Tree- Trains
Dead Can Dance - American Dreaming

I think I am working towards one day writing the cover story to Dark Side of the Moon. We'll see.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee


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