Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quote: The Landlord - The Boy from the County Hell

"Ya know the ting about da poor is dat dey got no will power, no desire ta change dere situation. I mean ya look at dis. Dey pay nutin to me to live here, I’m like Santa fuckin Claus and yet the bare fuckin minimum, dey’d rader spend on luxuries like heaters and new jumpers. And I’m da fuckin bad guy cause I have to get all tough. I’m a fuckin pariah I am. NO fuckin rewards for me. Just spit and piss and cursin and fuckin tears, dat’s it. I mean look at the right fuck Bono. Now ya don’t see dat gobshite doin nutin for Ireland. He should take his head outta Africa’s arse for a second and start watering his own fuckin roots. And I’m da fuckin bad guy"

- Quote: The Landlord - The Boy from the County Hell ₢2013 C. Sean McGee

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