Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stalker News

I will be working with a greta musician for my next project following The Boy from the County Hell.

I worked with this gentleman 10 years ago when I was just a pup in an extreme metal band back in Perth, Australia. What happened to that band will become a story in its own right down the line. Deal with one itch at a time.

Anyway, as a part of what wioll become the Rock Book compilations, I will be woorking with rock/metal producer legend Ron Goudie with his band of misfits from Amsterdam; Grandpa Death Experience.

They are in the studio writing as we speak and he is re-recording a track i requested so that I can work with it to create a short story; one of many for the Rock Book compilation; a novel of short stories that cover a host of my favourite songs from a host of genres.

Where some artists are kind (as in the case of Ron and GDE), I will be packaging the covered track with the ebook files. I have still to see if its possible to layer a music track inside an ebook using Sigil. If anyone knows how and can guide me, I'd be very appreciative.

That's it for now. My brain has been electric with ideas and new epiphanies for BFCH. This story will be fantastic. A little less sombering than Coffee and Sugar.

Take Risk and Take Care,

C. Sean McGee

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